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Jennifer Nicolaisen

Jennifer Nicolaisen

AMM Minister ID: 472816

Jennifer is an American human who was raised in the UK. Her priorities include sharing time with her tribe and loved ones, perfecting her handstand, and consuming all of the cheese she can get her hands on. She's an entrepreneur of many trades and the founder of a non-profit project focused on opioid addiction recovery. A bit of nomad, it's almost impossible to guess what city she's in at any given time without access to her Google Calendar. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in Linguistics from the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill and speaks English, French, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese with varying degrees of proficiency. Jennifer identifies as female, pansexual, and non-monogamous and is passionate about becoming a better human being, regardless of the labels that may apply.

Testimonials for Jennifer

Jennifer assisted me in helping my wife and I actively and consciously create definitions and boundaries in our relationship. She helped us identify what we were doing out of habit, out of assumption, or out of external cultural expectation. As a result, she helped us lay the groundwork to forgive one another, to move forward, and to decide to be happier humans.

Jennifer's compassion is unparalleled. Her clear and effective use of language inspired me to grow in my own communication skills. And she truly is guided by no agenda other than love.

In whatever capacity you might be able to have Jennifer bring her light into your life, you'll undoubtedly find yourself pushed and emboldened to be an agent of change and growth for yourself. She gives each of us a lens by which we can discover for ourselves the better human we're capable of becoming.

‐ Joshua, male, 36, non-monogamy & marital coaching

Kyla's wedding

When you pick someone to officiate your wedding, their words will impact the entire mood of the room. Jennifer uses her words impeccably and puts true meaning behind each one. She is an amazing woman. Jennifer crafted a beautiful, heartfelt ceremony filled with laughs, tears, hope, and of course all the love I could ever imagine. You will be so happy with her as your officiant. I couldn't praise her more. She is the best!

‐ Kyla, female, 27; heterosexual, monogamous wedding ceremony

Jennifer is a wonderful, amazing, beautiful and unique Officiant. We requested a non-religious, non-denominational ceremony. It was very short notice but she took the time to meet with us, and keep constant communication. She asked us very thought provoking questions that really spoke to us as individuals and then as a couple. The ceremony she performed was extremely intimate and very personal. She spoke about everything we had talked to her about in the weeks prior to the ceremony. Even though all her words were scripted she spoke them with such ease and conviction; making everyone in the ceremony feel her words too. There was not a dry eye in that room!! We wanted a small, intimate ceremony and that’s exactly what she gave us. She was more than our officiant, she felt like a friend and family member. Multiple people asked if she really was. That's how great and amazing she is!

‐ Chastity, female, 22; heterosexual, monogamous wedding ceremony

Jennifer got to know me and my fiancé as who we are. She exactly knew how to incorporate us into our ceremony. From the remembrance of my stepfather to our unity candle and including everyone in our ceremony. She made everyone feel welcome and a part of the ceremony. Everyone enjoyed it.

‐ Dorothy, female, 28, monogamous wedding ceremony

Jennifer Nicolaisen

Madeline Rose Parker

AMM Minister ID: 661710

Madeline spent her first 18 years in Chapel Hill, North Carolina before heading off to school at Davidson College. She gained a degree from Davidson as an English major and Sexuality and Gender Studies minor - two subjects that she’s felt passionate about exploring both academically and outside of the classroom since she was a young girl (her mother knew they were in trouble when she started debating gender and feminism ethics at the dinner table with family friends at age 7). Post-college, Madeline spent a year and a half in Washington D.C. to work with the mental health LGBTQ youth focused non-profit organization The Trevor Project. As bright as the city lights are and as many opportunities as D.C. has to offer, she has since gravitated back to the Triangle because of how much it still feels like home. She values human connection and honesty, emboldened exploration and adventure, and constant unrelenting curiosity above all else. Madeline plans to return to school to pursue an MFA in a year or two because she wants to work in couple’s and sex counseling, with a particular focus on those who identify as LGBTQ, non-mono, and/or non-vanilla. Currently, not enough resources are available for those who exist outside of traditional, heteronormative structures, and she wants to do what she can to help improve upon this problem. Madeline identifies as queer, pansexual, and ethically non-monogamous, but she recognizes and honors the great diversity of ways that humans experience and demonstrate the love in their lives and simply wants to assist in allowing others to manifest that love however resonates most with them.