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We're all just human beings trying to become better humans. I'd be honored to offer you my guidance on your journey.

Jennifer Nicolaisen

Jennifer Nicolaisen

AMM Minister ID: 472816

Jennifer is an American human who was raised in the UK. Her priorities include sharing time with her tribe and loved ones, perfecting her handstand, and consuming all of the cheese she can get her hands on. She's an entrepreneur of many trades and the founder of a non-profit project focused on opioid addiction recovery. A bit of nomad, it's almost impossible to guess what city she's in at any given time without access to her Google Calendar. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in Linguistics from the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill and speaks English, French, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese with varying degrees of proficiency. Jennifer identifies as female, pansexual, and ethically non-monogamous and is passionate about becoming a better human being, regardless of the labels that may apply.

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