Wedding Ceremony for the Modern World

Custom designed wedding & commitment ceremonies for the intentional couple

The ceremony part of your wedding day can and should be more than just the "check-the-box" social requirement that it has become for many people. By being intentional and honoring your truth as a couple, it can be a sacred moment that sets a loving and celebratory tone - both for the reception party and the lifetime that follows. My focus is pre-ceremony partnership: I provide cognitive & spiritual guidance as you set intentions for your marriage (or other major transition) and help you design a customized ceremony. Ultimately, the strongest relationships are those that are consciously constructed to flourish in the context of the community they share. I'd love to help you and your partner find the words to express that in a way that is radically authentic to who you are.


If you don't know how you feel about your own spirituality, or feel uncertain about how your marriage ceremony "should" go, don't worry. In our work together I'll help you explore those thoughts and feelings in a way that allows you to naturally uncover what is meaningful for you and what helps you feel connected. Through the course of our partnership, we'll find the best way for you and your partner to symbolize that meaning on your wedding day (whether that's religious or non-religious).

If your family comes from a particular religious background that is different from what you believe, I have a lot of experience weaving together the ceremony words in a way that honors their values while still celebrating the truth of you & your partner's relationship. I also love designing unique interfaith ceremonies for couples who have strong but different spiritual practices. While my family heritage is Christian, my personal spiritual practice is non-religious and derived from a single, pan-religious principle: a commitment to becoming the best human being I can be. My studies and travels have provided me with a wide range of experience in religious & spiritual traditions from across the world. I'm most passionate about helping couples dig deeper and craft a ceremony flow that allows you to express yourselves in a radically authentic way on your wedding day.


Call me today at 828-547-0222 or send an email to [email protected] so I can help you find the right words to infuse your ceremony with intention and authentic connection.